By Carlette Deleon

About the book

In the epic battle between mother and toddler it’s never quite clear who wins. From bath time, to bedtime, to getting them ready for school #JoysOfParenting is a candid look at parenting, served up with a wry sense of humour and great affection.

All working parents can relate to the messes, the tantrums, and keeping it all together while making it look easy, or at least trying to.

#JoysOfParenting is a quirky, fun take on modern parenting. This adult picture book is not a how-to-guide, just an honest sharing of one mother’s adventures and joys of watching her child grow from baby, to toddler and her dreams for beyond. #JoysOfParenting is perfect for mothers old and new - and heck, even aunts, uncles, and dads too. Read more.

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Trailer for Carlette DeLeon's hilarious debut. An adult picturebook that chronicles the joys and spills of being a modern mom! Published by Blouse & Skirt Books


  • Author: Carlette DeLeon

  • Genre: Comedy, Inspirational

  • Hardcover Adult Picture Book

  • ISBN: 978-976-8267

  • Size: 8.5” x 6.5”

  • Publication: August 2019

  • Price: US$14.99 £10.99 J$1900.00

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About the author

Carlette is like most parents - she loves the hardest job on earth. Raising children is simultaneously rewarding and challenging. Having a sense of humour helps take the edge off.

The mother of an active young son, Carlette juggles her parental responsibilities with a productive career in communications as the Managing Director of Breakthrough Communications and a broadcaster on RJR94FM. On any given day she may be shuttling soccer players to and from training following a Board meeting at Gleaner Online and Multimedia Jamaica where she sits as a Director.

She serves her community as a Justice of the Peace even as she serves up treats to her only child and often his friends too. Juggling between playdates and meetings can lead to disaster or insight. Fortunately for readers, it led to the #JoysOfParenting.