Hello Moto!

So, how come my phone can make music when it rings?

• It’s a sound to indicate an incoming call or text message

• Usually a customisable musical tone

• Name comes from traditional phones that has bell ring

• Currently there are three types of ringtones, monophonic, polyphonic and true tones

• Monophonic, original format. Play one tone at a time

• Polyphonic, progress! Multiple tones, sounds much more real, but no lyrics.

• True tones, current technology, sounds like the song

• Make your own or download your own

• Make it using software to play the notes, download first from service provider website, get via text message, blue tooth, IR or GPRS

• Cost between JMD$50 and $200

• Customise your phone, different tones for different callers or groups of callers, know when your phone is ringing in a group, and cause its fun!

• This is big business. Billions of dollars annually

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