Facinating Women

We may no longer have a female Prime Minister, but women still have a big role is society. We had a cadre of fascinating and engaging women on the show this morning and a few men too.

Sonia Fuller juggles family and work with elegance and grace. It's debatable weather having her husband and children work at the office makes it easier or harder. CEO/Dad Steadman, IT Guru/Daughter Shauna, Accountant/Son Junior and of course Sonia joined us as part of our continuing series on Observer Business Leader Award nominees.

I was always fascinated by Sharon Feanny and Lisa Sanfilippo. As the brainchild behind the Shakti Mind Body Fitness yoga centre, Sharon invited Lisa to demonstrate Anusara yoga. Breathing is a big part of yoga and as Lisa showed us, so is flexibility.

Whew! All that stretching and breathing got us thirsty and Patrice Wislon-McHugh was on hand to custom mix some cocktails (for me) and mocktails (for Neville). Patrice used her certified mixologist training to start her our very successful bar service business, Bars to Go. And then, she expanded that business to catering, Gourmet to Go. Woman power!

Thanks to Digicel, we had cake ... to celebrate their 8th anniversary. Sponsorship Manager Shelly Ann Curran and "Babie" delivered a cake so beautiful, we almost, almost didn't want to cut in to it.

Trudy Williams came by to tell us about the upcoming UTech Track and Field Classic this weekend. Local and international star athletes will compete in the second annual expanded event. Trudy could compete and win herself if they had sprint or marathon speaking events.

Young talent QQ took us to the end of the show. Noticably taller, the still very young entertainer let us know that he has been focused on school and not the stage. He beleives that it is important to have an education, before he relaunches his music career in a big way in a few years. Were you impressed with the young star? Post a comment and let me know.

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