Smarts, Guts, Luck

These are the keys to entrepreneurial success according to Anthony Tjan. Named by the World Economic Forum as a Global Leader for Tomorrow, Tjan reeled off so many witty and insightful observations I was scrambling for my pen to take notes. Notable phrases included: willingness to accept rejection, value creation not value capture and collective intelligence.

The entrepreneurial spirit need not be inspired, it can be inherited too. Christopher and Donahue Jarrett, sons of Terrence Jarrett founder of the Altamont Court Hotel are evidence of this. Two of four sons actively involved in the business, Christopher and Donahue have overseen the expansion of the brand into Montego Bay and have visions for further expansion across the island and even internationally. As nominees for the Observer Business Leader awards, we are sure their vision will become reality.

With the business out of the way, Smile Jamaica became a cultural explosion with representatives from Mexico, Cuba and South Africa.

Leo Williams and Eleanor Williams-Figaro are both members of the Jamaican South Africa Friendship Association. The group is promoting stronger relationships between the two nations leading up to and beyond the World Cup event in 2010. Jamaicans are encouraged to travel to South Africa and stay in bed and breakfast type facilities to enjoy a true South African experience.

Tazmoye Crawford and Imogene Reid are both participants in the Jamaican-Cuban Food and Art Festival this Saturday at the Police Officers Club in Kingston. Sadly, there was no food in studio, but there was a beautiful display of jewelry from both countries.

Her Excellence Ambassador Senora Leonora Rueda, Mexican Ambassador to Jamaica stopped by to address a concern on everyone’s mind, Swine Flu. The ambassador outlined the various steps the Mexican government was taking to contain the spread of the Swine Flu pandemic that has spread around the world, from Mexico. She noted that the economy of the Central American country will be shattered by the fall in tourism as a result of the drug wars and now the swine flu.

Dr. Sonia Copeland, Director of Disease Prevention and Control at the Ministry of Health acknowledged that the swine flu was cause for concern, but not worry. She encouraged us to wash our hands and exercise “cough etiquette” as we would with any potential flu outbreak during out Ten Minutes to Your Health feature.

Crisis averted, we turned to celebration with L’Antoinette Stines. Her outfit, L’Acadco marks its 25th year with a showcase at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts this weekend under the theme PASSION:fruit

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