Taking responsibility

I learned a lot on Smile Jamaica this morning, and the theme that stood out for me was, "take responsibility". Take responsibility for the care of our eyes, our community, our future, for our very lives.

First up, Neville and I had an 'eye opening' discussion with Dr. Woo-Lawson, President of the Jamaica Optometric Association. She revealed that there are unregistered and untrained persons treating eye patients. According to the doctor, this disturbing practice results in a small fine of JMD $40, so she encouraged patients to be aware of the certification of their eye professionals and report any misrepresentation to her association.

It is not easy to do the right thing, but these two make it look easy. Colonel William Walker and Lt. Loneshia Reid both volunteered for US military service and the Beyond The Horizon mission to Jamaica. While here, they have partnered with the Jamaica Defense Force and the Ministry of Health to establish and support health centres across the island.

We too can make an investment in our future by recycling. D'Arcey Crooks, Executive Director of the Protect the Environment Trust shared some startling facts on the impact of millions of PET plastic bottles on our environment. There is hope however, we initiate and develop a culture of recycling, not for profit, but for our future.

Saving your eye, your country or your future are all impressive. Equally impressive is saving a life. Giving blood saves lives! Sandra Brown-Thomas and Joylene Griffith-Irving informed us about the Scotiabank Blood Drive kicking off next Thursday.

Prime Minster Bruce Golding gave up 15% of his salary, unilaterally implemented a wage freeze and shuffled his cabinet making for a most interesting week in politics. Political commentator Kim-Marie Spence broke down the reasons and implications for us.

Of course, Smile Jamaica wouldn’t be Smile Jamaica without a little fun. For that, we had Digicel Rising Stars finalists SLR perform two original singles, Oscar B to invite us of Carnival Time and stunt riders Jeff Ferris and Matt Sager to chat about the Mountain Dew Bike Stunt Show.

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