Gambling Their Lives Away

Rise Life Management commissioned a study on the prevalence of gambling by children. The study revealed some disturbing results. Conducted by Hope Enterprises, the study exposed the fact that kids are betting on almost everything. Cards, Marbles, Bingo, Cash Pot, “Lastics” and Money Football are among the most popular games that our children bet and lose real money on. Further, the children and many adults don’t really see some games as gambling. Programme Coordinator for Counseling Services with Rise Life Management, Richard Henry urged parents to take responsibility for the actions of children.

Another important move that parents can do to protect children, is to secure adequate life insurance. As Eric Hosin, Senior VP Individual Life at Guardian Life explained, life insurance protects and can provide protection for your family from financial ruin if you pass away. Sobering information, but valuable nonetheless.

In our 10 Minutes to Your Health feature, Lupus survivor Chrisendeen Douglas and her doctor, James Peart shed some much needed light on the very mysterious Lupus disease. Chrisendeen’s personal story of illness and remission thanks to a combination of medical science, prayer and faith was compelling. Dr. Peart’s explanation of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the disease was easy to understand. A support group for Lupus patients and their families has been formed in Portmore, making it easier for members to access information and assistance.

On a lighter note, we chatted with Smile Jamaica's regular guest, Desmond Ellis of Pets Unlimited. The aquarium he set up for display was filled with baby sharks!

Dancin' Dynamites beauties Jenny Jenny, Sutania Williams and Kerry-Ann Henry joined us on set to promote the series finale this Sunday night at 8 PM on TVJ.

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