Sexual Harassment the Cultural Norm?

Executive Director of the Bureau of Women’s Affairs, Faith Webster certainly opened our eyes as a guest on the show. The Bureau has been working assiduously to educate women (and men) of their rights regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment, defined as unwanted or unwelcome sexual advance which can poison the work environment. New legislation is being considered to levy serious financial sanctions against both offenders and enablers.

Other serious topic we looked at was the national budget and the financial assistance afforded by the European Union (EU). Ambassador Marco Mazzocchi Alemanni indicated that the EU is Jamaica’s largest trade partner and the EU has been supporting Jamaica with developmental and financial assistance for 33 years. Support is expected for many more years to come.

33 years of financial assistance works out to be a big figure, but not too big for the 2008 DPH Math Champion Demario Knight. DPH sponsors the annual Math competition in the hope of improving Math grades islandwide. Neleen Lesile and Eulie Mantock joined Memario on set to outline the competition.

In our 10 Minutes to Youth Health feature, we explored the very serious and often misunderstood affliction, Asthma. Dr. Terry Baker debunked some myths and provided valuable information every parent of an asthmatic child should know. According to Baker, all of Jamaica’s hospitals are well equipped to deal with both young and adult asthma patients.

I learned a lot from Rohan Ambersley and Carlyle Anderson of Gas Pro. They shared several safety tips on how to purchase, install and maintain the traditional gas tanks that many persons use for cooking.

On a much lighter note, we chatted with award winning author and publisher Rowena Campbell about her current book, Whirlwind of Love and her upcoming works. Then actress Deon Silver of the hugely popular play, Bashment Granny 2 gave us the details on the play’s final local performances.

European Union in Jamaica:
Gas Pro: 1-888-4-GAS-PRO
Bureau of Women’s Affairs: 876.754.8575
Rowena Campbell:

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