Tech Time: Vehicle Tracking

As we continue to look at technology from the Consumer Electronics Expo, the next big thing was vehicle tracking.

Utilizing GPS technology, originally developed by the US Defense Department, local companies can install a device in your car to let you know where it is, 24 hours a day. The service is offered by a number of local security companies and comes with a wide range of features including:

· Online monitoring
· Limited remote control

In business, vehicle tracking is commonly used for fleet management. In private applications, usually used to monitor the driving habits of a teen. In all cases, vehicle tracking can be used to help facilitate recovery of a stolen vehicle.

Costs include a onetime installation cost and then a monthly monitoring fee, which can be quite high.

There are some disadvantages too, like black spots, warranty voiding and tampering.

And then, there is the concern of the security of the security. If you can track you vehicle online, what stops the criminals from doing the same. Local security companies offer different solution to this problem. Most provide a password protected website through which you can track the vehicle. Notably, one company tracks the vehicle at their secure monitoring centre and then feeds the information to you or the police as appropriate.

There are vehicle tracking systems that you can install and monitor yourself, using GPRS technology. Basically a specialised phone with a GPS device.

Would you want a tracking device in your car?

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