Tech Time: Preparing for a Hurricane

The 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season commenced on June 1 and thankfully, we have not been threatened or hit by any hurricanes or tropical storms to date. Let’s hope, that remains true for the rest of the season, but prepare if it does not. Log on for important news, updated, tips and best of all tracking sites.

Best International Sites
National Hurricane Centre
The US National Hurricane Centre is the absolute authority on both Pacific and Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms; many other websites and tracking software use the data provided by the NHC. The site boasts advanced satellite and radar tracking, email advisories and updates, analysis tool and tips, hurricane names and historical data. The information is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Best Local Sites
Arguably one of the most popular local sites for weather information, it boasts daily weather forecasts localized by town, powerful pictures of hurricane aftermath, satellite images and great tips.

Best Regional Sites
Storm Carib
The site covers the region with reports from local correspondents in each island, daily updates from the National Hurricane Centre in Miami, background information, tools and satellite images

Hurricane Tech Tips
  • Make sure you have a battery operated radio to listen to updates from the RJR News Centre
  • Completely charge phone prior to loss of electricity, ensure you have an emergency charger on hand
  • Turn off data services for smart phones to preserve battery power
  • Back up computer data to an external hard drive (or other data storage device) and place in safe, secure, waterproof location
  • Scan and email yourself important documents
  • Store family and emergency contact information into your phone; also write them down and keep in waterproof container
  • Take pictures of your property and contents using your mobile phone or digital camera; further safeguard these images by uploading to online storage service
  • If you are going to be away from your home or office, forward calls to a land line close to you
  • For those with traditional land lines, ensure that you have a non-powered phone available

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