Tech Time: Job Hunting with Social Networking

The Internet and social networking services like Facebook can make it easier to find a job (or a date). But it can just as easily make opportunities disappear if not managed properly.

The Do's and Don'ts When Job Hunting
post a profile on Linked In, it's "the new résumé". This social networking site is well targeted to business professionals looking for staff, partners and project leaders. There are no smileys or random albums, just a clean interface designed to get you noticed by the business establishment.

Do Google yourself and see what postings are relevant to you. Many employers now customarily search the Internet as part of their due diligence process when hiring staff. Beat them to the punch, see what is out there about you and if there are negative postings make a note to address them in the interview.

Do tweak you privacy settings on Facebook, MySpace and similar networking site to limit postings to your friends. Be aware that potential and current employers may already have been added as a friend and can see everything you put up online.

Don't post derogatory comments, revealing photos, foul language or lewd jokes; even with the most advanced privacy settings you cannot truly control the information once it is placed in cyberspace.

Don't reveal privileged or confidential information about your work, it speaks badly to your character and may leave you open to dismissal, sanctions or litigation.

Don't assume that you have complete control of your online identity, others may post pictures, comments, video or other information about you without your knowledge or permission. So be vigilant in Googling yourself on a periodic basis.

There is no denying that social networking sites like Facebook have revolutionised the way we communicate. While caught up in the moment at our PC in our private homes and offices, we sometimes forget that we are actually in a public space. Our postings in the virtual world have consequences in the real world, keep that in mind as you each time you click 'share'.

Tech Time Bonus
BlackBerry 5.0 Messenger has been leaked and is available for download all over the web. The LEAKED Messenger application looks and acts completely differently than its predecessor.

The new version of the BB only instant messenger application displays avatars for contacts and links them to the device address book, allows for different chat styles (standard, bubbles or stripes) and features more smileys. Advanced productivity highlights include the ability to set conversation subjects, backup/restore contacts to a media card and improved send options.

But BB's 5.0 Messenger raises the cool coefficient with a novel bar code scanning/sharing option that allows devices to add themselves to each other's contact list by scanning a uniquely generated bar code from the screen. The software only works with BlackBerry phones using OS or higher.

Progress comes at a price however; this new application has not been fully tested and doesn't come with any guarantees. So BEFORE installing, backup ALL device data. Several users have reported a loss of all contacts, system freezes and/or other problematic occurrences after installation.

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