Tech Time: Browser Wars

Browsers have come a long way. From the original WorldWideWeb, to the competition between Netscape and IE (Internet Explorer) to the wide range of browser options available today, it’ been a fascinating journey.

Consumers have, more choice and better features with today’s browser. But which is the right browser for you, and what issues should you be mindful of? Let us breakdown the most popular options.

If you have a PC, it likely came loaded with Microsoft Internet Explorer. IE has the largest share of the browser market. As a result, most websites are optimised for IE. With the latest version IE comes tabbed browsing, password management, bookmarking, pop up blocking and other cool features. But, it doesn’t have a spell check and has been known to have security issues.

IE’s chief rival is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is open source. Firefox is light and fast with all the traditional browser features like tabbed browsing, spell check and pop up blocking and improved security options which make it a good alternative to IE.

The newest kid on the block is Google’s Chrome. Like Firefox (with whom Google has developed a strategic alliance), Chrome is light, clean and easy to navigate. In addition to the tabbed browsing, password management, book marking and other features, Google Chrome offers download management and on board spell checking.

Mac users may scoff any browser but Apple’s Safari. Safari works on both PC and Mac, but Safafi was uniquely built for Macintosh users with a full range of features.

Finally, there is Opera. Though Opera has the smallest share of the PC/Mac browser market, Opera should not be discounted. The browser has been pre-installed on an estimated 40 million mobile handsets and only commercial web browser for Wii and Nintendo DS systems. It is fast, has speech to text recognition and understands mouse gestures.

IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are all free to download, so try them all and see which one works best for you.

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