Tech Time: Top 10 Gadgets for Christmas

If you will be shopping for a gadget lover in your life this Christmas, here are the top 10 items for your shopping list (in no particular order):

Number 1: HDTV
HDTV’s have become so common their prices have dropped significantly making them more affordable even for larger screens. Imagine 50” in your living room! Choose from plasma, LCD or my new personal favourite LED-Lit options for your perfect viewing experience. See HDTV Time

Number 2: Blu-ray Disc Player
Blu-ray offers phenomenal picture and sound quality. Most players connect directly to internet to offer bonus content and are backwards compatible, meaning they will play your old DVD’s too.

Number 3: Laptop, netbook or touch screen desktop
Lifestyle technology is all about choice, choose the model that’s best for you. Laptops are more powerful with an impressive set of features, but more expensive than netbooks that are ultra portable. Desktops like the HP TouchSmart series marrying computing power with a home theatre experience and tactile interface that’s human friendly. See Back To School

Number 4: Smart Phone
Jamaica has become Blackberry country thanks to each of the three major telecoms offering Blackberry deals. If you want to stand out from the crowd, and be left off BBM, check out the Nokia E71 or Apple iPhone also available locally. See Blackberry vs. iPhone

Number 5: Camera with HD video
Capturing memories has never been easier. Many high end point and shoot cameras offer great HD video and then there are dedicated video recorders like the ultra hot, Flip HD. You can have family videos up on YouTube in no time. See Is It a Phone or a Camera

Number 6: WiFi Radio
The evolution of radio continues with this device. Listen to radio from all over the world using the internet, no computer or Apple TV required. On the surface, it looks like a traditional radio. Instead of local FM, this radio streams music from the internet (or satellite radio over the internet).

Number 7: Game console
Go portable or desktop, video games are for everybody. Strategy, first person, sports, fitness, brain busters ... there is a category of gaming to appeal to everyone. The big players Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, have got you covered. See Personal Gaming

Number 8: eReader
There is nothing like curling up with a good book, but these days, when you are on the go, grab your eReader and hit the pavement with your entire library. No paper, no limits. Check out the Amazon Kindle or wait for the Barnes&Noble Nook. See Nook vs. Kindle

Number 9: GPS Navigation Device
Gather some friends, take a GPS challenge and explore the country side. Discover Jamaica! I know if sounds like a JTB ad, but seriously, we live in paradise, so go enjoy it. See GPS Beats Asking for Directions

Number 10: MP3 Player
Music is the beat of a nation. (I promise that was the last overused cliché). Having your own personal sound system is not a new concept but Apple’s iPod has perfected it. With an easy to use navigation, oodles of storage and tonnes of accessories to enhance the experience, the iPod is the must have device for Christmas. See iPod vs. Zune

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