Star Tech: IT Easy - Beefing up BlackBerry security - Quick tips to lock away your BB data

This week, we introduce one of our latest columns geared towards offering technological advice. Carlette DeLeon, who also has a tech programme on radio will seek to solve some of your issues and offer guidance each week. Enjoy!

They are so convenient. They take pictures, send messages and play music. We use them to keep all our contacts and all sorts of information that is important to us. The problem is that information in the wrong hands can hurt us.

Don't take your BlackBerry for granted; protect it and the data stored on it. Ok, let's move past the lecture and get straight to the tips.

Enable a password, not just a keyboard lock. The keyboard lock prevents the phone from dialling by itself but doesn't prevent someone from seeing all your personal information. Use the 'Security' settings located in the 'Options Menu' to set a password and tweak the settings for your lifestyle. You may key in the password when you turn on the phone, when you make a call or at various settings in between. Adding a password is the single best way to prevent unauthorised access to your phone.

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