Voicemail's Praise His Name

Praise His Name
Written by: Kevin Blair, O’Neil Edwards, Jerome “Craig” Jackson

To my creator
I will praise the Lord at all times
His praise will always be on my lips
My soul will boast in the Lord
Glorify the Lord with me
And let us exalt his name together

Verse 1
Before I close my eyes I give him thanks
And when I rise I give him praise
He is the source of my energy, source of my peace
So many times I lift my hands to him and say thank you
So many times I feel him next to me, I

So I raise his name, up high
I will praise his name, yes I
Will praise his name

Verse 2
I won’t wait until my back is against the wall, before I call
He’s always there to catch me when I fall, and when it gets hard, he’s there
He is there to keep me safe and keep me warm, when life gets cold
He is there to shelter me when I am alone


Verse 3
So in my going out and in my coming in
We have to give praise to one who died for we sins
No matter what the time, place or what it is
He’s always there to grant me my wishes
Father God, him understand all problems
Just put it to him and trust me he will solve them
‘Cause he is the giver of life
He will make sure everything’s all right

Verse 4
For God so loved the world, he gave his only son
That whosever believed, shall live forever more
And you, and me, shall live eternally
And you, and I, shall live happy and free


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