Tech Time: Blackberry OS 6.0

With the increasing popularity of innovative smart phone platforms like iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile, Research In Motion (RIM) have had to step up their game to remain competitive, and they do this with the soon to be released Blackberry OS 6.0.

The very first thing that users will notice is the redesigned home page which is highly customisable. Long overdue feature like an updated media player, universal search and powerful browser bring the new OS inline with features already available on iPhone and Android devices.

Blackberry uses OD 6.0 to improve some features for which BB already has the lead, making a great user experience even better. The new embedded image feature will boost the robust Blackberry email while the wildly popular Blackberry Messenger (BBM) gets s sexy new look and easier interface.

Smart phones have revolutionaries the way we communicate; mobile social networking is critical to the success of any handset. Blackberry recognising this truism, has integrated social networking into the OS has offers simultaneous posting to multiple social networking platforms.

The official announcement is expected later today with a roll out perhaps as soon as later this month. RIM is also expected to announce the launch of the Blackberry Bold 9800 also called the Torch, RIM’s first slide phone set to rival the iPhone 4.

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