Tech: IT Easy - Budget Buys

The recession has hit us all hard, so an iPad, Kinect or new Torch may not be on our holiday shopping list for 2010. But we can find lots of gear to make our old gad-gets and devices seem new again for a lot less than upgrading to the buzz toys of the season.

You probably already have a phone, but do you have a headset? Treat yourself (or someone you love) to a hands-free headset to complement the phone. Bluetooth options are many and varied; also there are non-phone specific meaning. No need to worry if the Bluetooth headset you buy today is compatible with the phone you bought last year.

Some people just don't like Bluetooth - perhaps because you look like a madman when talking into 'thin air' or because it causes headaches for some. But headset options are not limited to Bluetooth, a good pair of headphones makes a great phone accessory, especially since so many people also treat their phone as a portable MP3 player. Just make sure the headset comes with a microphone for phone calls.

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