Tech: IT Easy - Loose the Console, Keep the Phone

Hand-held electronic gaming is not new. From the single game devices of the past, to game changing (pun intended) Nintendo Gameboy, to the now popular PSP (that's PlayStation Portable) and Nintendo DSi, mobile arcade-quality games are common place.

Many gamers could boast having a hand-held game device that allowed them to play some of the same games available on consoles like the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) and the Microsoft Xbox. Some of these games even boasted wireless communications via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Then came the iPhone. With a brilliant screen, an accelerometer, simple controls and premium game titles, the iPhone turned mobile gaming on its face. It was no longer necessary for game geeks to travel with multiple devices to make calls and enjoy a superior game experience. With the iPhone everything fits into one neat package.

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