Tech Time: Blackberry Media Sync

For many Blackberry owners, the handset is always on and always available. This convenience makes the Blackberry the perfect replacement for a CD or MP3 player. The Blackberry media player allows the user to multitask while listening to music on the handset, which uses a standard or Bluetooth headset for listening. It also boasts standard controls (play, pause, rewind, restart, ect.) in addition to repeat and shuffle functions.

There are a variety of ways to transfer music to the Blackberry handset – single song transfer via Bluetooth or multi-song transfer using a micro-SD card as external storage.
However, the simplest, most effective method is by using Blackberry MediaSync, available as a component of Blackberry Desktop Manager, for free. Blackberry MediaSync integrates seamlessly with iTunes (also free) to transfer playlists, albums, songs and even album art if available from your computer to your handset. The software is available for both PC and Mac.

Blackberry MediaSync replaces the somewhat clunky and much less effective Roxio Media Manager that was previously standard on Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Follow these steps to synchronise music from the computer to the Blackberry handset using Blackberry MediaSync:
  1. Download and install iTunes (if not already installed and in use). Import music and organize playlists
  2. Download and install the latest version of Blackberry Desktop software, connect the Blackberry via USB cable and launch the software (if not done automatically on connection)
  3. On the left panel, below “MediaSync”, select “Music”
  4. Tweak settings - choose individual songs, albums, playlists, all music or random music
  5. Click “Sync” and allow the songs to be transferred

Note that some music formats will not play on a Blackberry handset; neither will DRM protected audio files.

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