Tech: IT Easy - There's An App for You

I am sure you've heard the expression, "there's an app for that!" It's the tag line for the Apple AppStore. The AppStore is filled with over 350,000 apps (small software programmes designed specifically for smartphones), apps for games, for business, for learning, for everything!

Moving from Apple to Android, the Android Market is expected to eclipse the AppStore in just a few months. Nokia's apps store, Ovi, is likely to give way to the Windows Phone Market, which also boasts thousands of premium apps.

Apple, Android? What about the BlackBerry? Jamaica is BlackBerry territory. Based on the sheer volume of BB handsets in use on island, we think BlackBerry is the best (and only) smartphone out there. So, BlackBerry's App World must have the best apps, right? Wrong.

RIM introduced App World in 2009 to create a space for easy distribution of platform-specific applications from third-party developers to handsets. The store is filled with cool apps like Twitter for BlackBerry, FourSquare, Facebook for BlackBerry, Whats App, Windows Live Messenger, Documents to Go, and useful tools. Of course, App World is a an app itself and it's free with every BlackBerry handset.

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