Tech Time: Protecting Blackberry Data

BlackBerry's are the number one smart phone in Jamaica.  We store a treasure trove of both business and personal information on our handsets, so protection of that data should be important.  Yet, all too often, you hear of someone saying that they lost their phone and in many cases, their livelihood along with it.

Fortunately, RIM has provided two ways to backup and store your most precious data.

BlackBerry Protect
Similar to services long since available to iOS and Android users, BlackBerry now offers a free remote backup service that is integrated with the handset.  If the app icon is not available on your screen, then visit the BlackBerry website and download it.

After the download, you can configure your account to backup your contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, bookmarks and texts.  Unfortunately, you can't browse this data online, but you can restore it to a handset when needed, like after a catastrophic crash or after replacing a phone.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager
To backup your media and third party apps, download and install the free BlackBerry Desktop Manager for both PC and Mac.  This software allows for a complete syncing with your organizer and media, a complete restore of all settings including passwords, it facilities software and OS updates, it manages apps and if you ever need to switch a device, this is the way to do it.

Both options are free and easy, certainly much easier than loosing all your data and having to start over from scratch.

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