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If you're a fan of American animated sitcoms like South Park and Family Guy, you are going to love Cabbie Chronicles.

Here it is: a group of local actors, scriptwriters and animators took a look at Jamaican life and made it funny with cartoons. In reality, it wasn't that simple, but Cabbie Chronicles does showcase the absolutely hilarious interactions that are truly Jamaican.

And it's not easy. Each episode of Cabbie Chronicles is roughly five minutes long but takes months to make. It starts with the characters, story, the script and the storyboard. This is a heart and soul of the project; this is where the true Jamaican personality comes out to shine.

Next, the team moves to the studio to voice all the characters and, in some cases, create original music for the TV/Internet series.

Then, the really time-consuming work begins. Graphic artists, now animators, spend months creating the images needed for the animation. Locked down in dark rooms with advanced equipment and cutting-edge software, the animators string together hundreds of thousands of images in a precise and specific sequence to give the illusion of movement.

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