Tech Time: Bazuca Bass Sony Style

If you’re planning for a house party, or a private party, Sony audio has an entertainment system ready to deliver ‘bazuca bass’.  The recently launched Sony audio line has a range of entertainment systems all equipped with MICA speakers for heavy bass line and LED lights for a visual club effect.

Topping up the line is the impressive GPX8.  The high powered component set comes with stackable MICA speakers, a multi-colour, rhythmic LED, USB ports, built-in DJ effects, and a microphone input.  Together, it’s a complete home entertainment package.

Roll out the GPX8 and play music from the radio, the CD drive, the USB drives or the external RCA inputs.  Stack or un-stack the speakers to get the desired sound in the room or outdoors.  Plug in a microphone and have your own karaoke system.  And, you can record it all on a USB drive.

The heavy (and I do mean heavy) bazuca bass comes from the cell MICA reinforced diaphragm that maintains the quality of the sound even with the thumping base.  Sony says the construction is made to last (… and I don’t doubt Sony on that one).

The system is both durable and versatile.  The USB drive and the CD drive support multiple format playback – MP3, WMA and ACC are all supported.  The sound can be modified using the built-in DJ effects like Flanger Isolator, Phaser and Flash.

But a party is more than just music and here is where the GPX8 really delivers.  The speakers illuminate to the rhythm of the music with 16 light patterns including the multi-coloured Rainbow, the green inspired Forest, the cooling blue Ocean or the Strobo club effect.

The Sony audio line is a complete range of home audio solutions.  The optionally vertical or horizontal FST-GTK 33iP is totally portable with an iPod/iPhone dock for the mobile DJ that needs big sound.  The MHC-EX is nice and compact making it ideal for apartments.  While GPX7, GPX5 and GPX3 provide scaled options to the robust GPX8.

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