JNBS offers text banking service to members

Members of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) will now be able to check their account balances with the LIVE by JN Text Banking service, whenever they need to.

The new service is in keeping with efforts by Jamaica National to increase its efficiency and service delivery through the use of technology and complements existing electronic transaction channels, such as ATMs,  LIVE by JN  online banking and the JN Express self service facilities.

Ricardo Dystant, Manager, eChannels and Discount Business at JNBS, said the LIVE by JN Text banking service provides members with another access point to their accounts that will, “give them up-to-date information on their balances to assist in making spending decisions.”

He explained that after the member chooses a name for their account, termed the ‘Account Alias’, the process is simple. The member sends a text message with the word ‘BAL’ and their ‘account alias’ to mobile number 1-876-417-6429, and they will receive their current and available balances.

The service is only available to JN members in Jamaica, using the Digicel network. Mr. Dystant noted that “plans are underway to gradually expand across other networks.”

“We are continually seeking secure and convenient means for our members to access their accounts, whether to perform transactions or to receive account updates; and we will be making improvements as we gauge the response from users of the service,” he explained.

Persons can sign up for the text banking service at their nearest JNBS Branch where they will be able to get an ‘Account Alias’ assigned.

“In addition, persons will soon be able to sign up for the text banking service to check their balances on LIVE by JN, the Society’s online banking portal,” Mr. Dystant further stated.

He pointed out that while signing up for the service does not attract fees for members there will be regular charges in respect of each SMS text request.


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