Silent Chill

I am ashamed to admit that, I've been startled awake in the middle of the night by the compressor on my fridge kicking in.  That sucker is loud.

If I had the new, recently launched, Samsung Refrigerator with a digital inverter compressor, I could sleep like a baby.

Samsung Refrigerator  with Digital Inversion Compressor
Samsung Refrigerator
with Digital Inversion Compressor
Thanks much the people over at CME for inviting me to the launch at Courts Constant Spring.  During the event, everyone went through great pains to highlight the energy efficiency of the fridge.  They say, the digital inverter compressor uses a 5 speed RPM to automatically manage temperature fluctuations.

In effect, if you open the door a lot, or your put in Sunday dinner right off the stove, the fridge is smart enough to know to speed up the cooling process to re-establish the perfect temperature.  This saves you money in two ways - saving on electricity and saving on food spoilage.  Sounds like a win/win.

The stainless steel finished kitchen appliance is reported to be durable too.  All that power cooling leads to less wear and tear on the compressor that sports a 10 year warrant from the manufacturer.

I sure liked the cool, if unnecessary, digital display on the door, the super efficient LED lights, the recessed door handles and the very high capacity water dispenser (we really should drink more water).

But the coolest feature (no pun this time) is, the remarkably quiet compressor.  If I had this fridge, I would have to open the door to know it if was on.  Sweet.

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