Galaxy S4 Controls Your Flow Box

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch On
There is no doubt.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 rocks.  And one of the coolest features of the phone is the Infrared (IR) Remote Control.

Lots of times, hot phones have great features that don't work on our shores.  But I am thrilled to report that the Watch On app, which is both free and pre-loaded, works seamlessly with Flow cable boxes - standard and PVR.  So throw away your Flow remote.

Hell.  Throw away all your home theatre remotes.  Watch On operates just like a universal remote.  The smartphone is ridiculously easy to programme; it practically picks up the code for your TV, DVD player, Blu-ray players, audio system and of course, your cable box.  And, to steal a line from the fruit people (like myself), it just works.

Other smartphones have Bluetooth making them compatible with some TV if they have proprietary software.  Only IR is the universal standard on home theatre and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the only locally distributed smartphone that has IR.  (The HTC One is not distributed in Jamaica to date).

It is no surprise that it works with Samsung TV's, and other late model TV sets.    They are made in the US for the US.  But, devices for Jamaica are different; often the sweetest features just are not accessible.

If you've spent the money on the phone, you can spare your living room a little space by replacing your remotes and using the phone to change the channel, change the volume, visit the programme guide and adjust the settings.

Think of the convenience.  Surf the internet on WiFi, make a quick call, switch to the clean looking remote app and immerse yourself in hours of home theatre enjoyment.  Love it!

I also love the simple easy to use design that prominently places the most used functions on the screen (like the volumen and channel controls), yet keeps the higher functions just a single touch screen tap away.

Wait, here's another mind blowing benefit.  You'll never have to by another penlight battery again in life.  Check your mailbox for the 'thank you' card from the environment.

I bet you will send me a 'thank you' card when you realize, you'll never spend forever searching the sofa cushions for your remote ever again. Remote lost? Just dial your own phone number and follow the sound of the ring tone. 

Since I can't be there to personally help you configure your remote .. ehm .. I mean phone, here are a few links to get you started.

Technology should be practical.  This is as practical as it gets.  Try it and let me know if it works for you.

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