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Social media has exploded all over the world, including Jamaica.  Business managers small and large alike have sought ways to leverage social media for marketing purposes lured by free access to a captive audience.

But the relatively unstructured nature of social media versus traditional media makes the channel much harder to navigate, let alone profit from.  Large entities may have greater resources to tap social, but also have the opportunity deliver an #epicfail.

Small business owners have an equal opportunity to fail, if they waste time attacking social inappropriately.

Then, there are the issues of identifying the target market, content creation and management, effective evaluation and assessment, not to mention customer service management.  Going social certainly has benefits, but unfiltered access to customers, consumers and potential customers and consumers can be overwhelming at times.

Savvy business owners may seek to harness the potential by creating a social media strategy, which in an ever evolvement medium is a challenge.  Then, they may seek to control content delivery using services like Hootsuite or Wildfire.  These services certainly help social media managers save time and add consistency.

But when all is said and done, the business owner will ask the social media manager, “did it work?”  Sadly the response is not a simple yes or no, but rather a litany of numbers, charts and graphs called metrics which have no meaning if not put in context.  And we are yet to discuss the cost to effectively promote or engage on free social services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, FourSquare, LinkedIn and Vine just to name a few.

Thankfully, there is a locally developed solution which promises to assist with strategy development, execution and measurement of digital media. is a scalable solution for businesses and brands on all levels.  Following a workshop on social media in general and use of the solution specifically, Branditise can help craft a strategy by asking a few business questions and produce a exhaustive document which can be used as a guide.

The familiar inbox style interface can be customized for one or several users to manage content across several social media platforms simultaneously.  When all is said and done, metrics are provided based on the targets set by the strategy rather than arbitrarily to help truly assess impact or success.

It is often said that on the internet, content is king.  True, but without an evolved delivery system, content simply will not reach, engage and mobilize the intended recipient.  Armed with an effective strategy, appropriate channels and the ability to evaluate and adjust, social media managers can no go forth and conquer.

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