Tech Gifts for Mom (RJR's Tech4Life)

For all mothers do, it is a shame that they only get one day of recognition.  But, children, sisters, brothers, and other loved ones can certainly try to make that one day special with a gift of technology.  After all, you can't really expect Mom to splurge on herself can you?

The best tech gift for mom isn't guided by what's hot, fresh, new or discounted.  But rather, the best tech gift for mom is guided by her appetite for tech.  But, whether she's a newb or mastermind, there is a gift for her.

Go mobile!
Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are a great accessory for every kind of mom.  Busy moms will love the apps and featured designed to streamline various daily tasks.  Retired moms will love the to look at photos or join in video calls with the grandkids.

Her learning curve and preference will help you decide whether to go with a  Windows, Android, iOS or Blackberry device.

Go home
If there is a chance that your mom's home is her favourite place for relaxation, then perhaps a smart TV is  your best gift bet.  Beyond HD, smart TVs are internet connected to bring real power to on board apps like Facebook and Twitter.  Mom can switch effortlessly between Netflix or YouTube or cable while searching for recipes all on one living room centre piece.

Go healthy
If the idea of mom being lazy in front of the TV is not your thing, why not encourage her to get healthy.  Why not accessorize mommy with a wearable fitness tracker.  They work better with a companion smartphone, so check out the compatibility with moms existing handset before purchase.  Or better yet, buy her a new phone with the smart watch.

Of course, she will need a place to work out.  For that, consider a connected treadmill complete with WiFi and Bluetooth to monitor movements and share successes with other moms online.

Just remember, its not the size of the gift that reflects your love for mom, but rather, the thought that racks up points ahead of your siblings.  Ultimately, the best gift for mom may just be sometime with, well, you.

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