T4L: Amber Lit Up Expo Jamaica

AMB 365
If there were a Best In Show Award - Technology category and the immensely successful Expo Jamaica, Amber Connect would have won, hands down!

It was a small booth, tucked away in a corner.  You could have missed it.  Thankfully, I did not.

On show was Amber Connect’s Vehicle Tracker - little but Talawah.

So, like many other trackers, the devices (they have a range), track several vehicle metrics, including movement to provide security, enhance fuel efficiency and, quite frankly, rack up “cool” points with friends and family.

Once installed, you can track your car via the cross-platform app or web portal in real time.  Listen close, ‘cause this is important.  Amber’s real time is not every 15 minutes; Amber’s real time is every five seconds via an on-board data connection.  The one-year subscription included in the one-time installation fee translates to no monthly charges.

Amber can monitor fuel efficiency (or lack thereof) and provide actual mileage costs.  It can create safe zones for kids, employees or even for family members borrowing the car.  It offers remote shut off to cut off thieves (or rogue family members) in their tracks and remote start, an uncommon feature in similar systems.  Get speed alerts or device tamper alerts right from the unit to your mobile device or send a collision alarm to prescribed contacts in case of an accident.

The ultra-discrete device is not visible from the battery making it even harder to detect and harder to disable or remove.  The best part is, your reduced insurance premiums may just cover the full cost of the installation.  With that, Amber just got a green light.

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