Classic Console Revolution

Traditional game consoles and handheld consoles are remarkably popular.  The billion dollar gaming industry attracts a wide cross section of people; not just the stereotypical young adult make geek gamer.

Current consoles, like the Microsoft X One with Kinect, the Sony PlayStation 4 and its handheld cousin the Vita, the Nintendo Wii and Wii U along side the DS, 3DS and Switch handheld consoles, dominate the gaming market.  But, before the powerful processors, internet connectivity and amazing graphics, there were the classic consoles like the Nintendo Super NES.

The introduction of the original Super NES was a hit and the introduction of the Super NES Classic late last year was equally successful.  The Classic is a miniaturised (and modernised) replica of the original set top console.  Classic boasts 30 of the (arguably) the best Nintendo games of the time pre-loaded on the console and a single, corded classic controller.  Modern features like the micro USB power supply and an HDMI connection made the classic relevant in this day and age.

With the (surprise) success of the SNES Classic, Nintendo is poised to release an SNEC Classic Mini.  As the name suggests, the Mini will take advantage of new technologies to scale down the overall console size.  Gamers are hoping that the latest Classic will have other new features like wireless controllers, downloadable games, cartridge support and an SD card slot.

Other retro consoles projected to make a comeback in 2017 include the Sega Genesis Flashback and Atari Box.  The plethora of classic game choices along side a full suite of advanced gaming options is set to blow the video game industry wide open.  It’s time to exercise your thumbs!

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