Everything In Moderation

Everything in moderation was the recurring theme for Smile Jamaica on Thursday, January 17; except of course, for prayer. From our sun salutations to our holistic nutritionist, it was a delightful morning to be back on Smile Jamaica. Thanks to you, the viewers, whose kind words of encouragement and support made it a pleasure to come back and share the set with my dear friend and colleague, Neville Bell.

Our guests included:

Zona Rodney, Yoga Teacher

876. 906.8403

Makeda Solomon, Actress

876.919.8713; queenmak64@gmail.com

Dr. Matthew Brown, Veterinarian, JSPCA


Joylin Smith, Registered Holistic Nutritionist


Special thanks to Miami Heat for my styling. Next scheduled appearance: Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cross Country Kick Off

Carlette Returns to Smile Jamaica