Culture In Motion

Jamaica is full of talent and rich expressions of culture. From the drummers to the dub poets, we had a fabulous morning of expression.

Master Drummer and Percussionist, Ouida Lewis gave Neville and I some tips on how to drum using our hands. Then, we saw a live demonstration when Lisa Booth and Belinda Williams brought some talented students from the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. They teased us with an engaging live performance indicative of the entertainment offered at the Routes to Roots event. In keeping with the impromptu theme of creative expression, we had a chat with Carolyn Allen from the Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts. She was on hand to speak about their annual lecture; this year’s topic: Reparations for Slavery: Presenting the Caribbean Case to Brittan.

Yassus Afari and Empress both made fitting presentations.

For Neville, I think the highlight of the morning came from Omari and Vanina. Noted youth activist, Howard Hamilton introduced us to these two selfless and committed children dedicated to bring joy to others around them. Both students gave up with own personal pleasures to share with the unfortunate around them. Commendable!

Dorraine Williams provided my morning highlight. I am a lover of animals and it shows. So chatting with her on the best medications and treatments for sick pets means I can show my love for my pet in a respectful and responsible way.

Our other guests included Rita Marley, Rosemary Duncan and from Guyana 2 Face pictured here.

Next scheduled appearance: Thursday, February 28

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