Coming Together to Do The Right Thing

On another day, Richard Powell and Saffery Brown may be competitors, but today they came together to introduce a joint foundation to benefit secondary education, particularly in rural Jamaica. The statistics are shocking but the effort by Jamaica National and Victoria Mutual Building Society to provide $100 million over five years should go along way to reverse the trend of substandard education. We applaud them.

The trend of giving to those in need continued in our discussions with Lion John Ebanks and Lion Errol Lee. March is recognised in Lionism as White Cane Month; Lions internationally go all out to raise awareness about sight deficiencies, particularly preventable sight deficiencies. Join the cause in any number of ways including attending their fund raising dinner at the Pegasus this weekend.

Our features 10 Minutes to Your Health and Pet Vibes both included lively discussions on your health and the health of your pet. Dr. John Josephs delicately outlined the facts on pet pregnancies and fertilization stopping just short of a demonstration, while Dr. Neville Graham alluded to the safety of ambulatory or day surgery.

I agree that Peter Tosh and Ernie Ranglin don’t get the recognition they deserve, so I comment Wayne Jobson for producing documentaries on these great reggae icons. I can’t wait to see the films.

I am certainly going to miss the Black History Month features presented by Empress, they were stimulating and informative. Perhaps we should bring her back since our history can’t be covered in a month, worse, the shortest month of the year.

Finally, from Lubert, to Purpose to Sanjay, the morning was filled with delightful entertainment. Hard to believe that it all fit into two hours. If you want more, give our guests a call:

Saffery Brown, Jamaica National – 876.922.3978

Dr. John Josephs, Noah’s Ark – 927-6624

Dr. Neville Graham, Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute – 906-1414

Lion Errol Lee, Lions Club of Kingston – 920-2285

Wayne Jobson –

Empress –

Sanjay –

Special thanks go to my style team – Miami Heat, Urban Beauty, Sharon and Sandy. Next scheduled appearance: Thursday, March 6

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