Nature vs. Nurture

Which side of fence do you stand on? It was lively and provocative discussion this morning with guest Dr. Winston “Winty” Davidson in our 10 minutes to Your Health feature. Dr. Davidson advanced the point that during puberty, many boys are left to fend for themselves at home and in the wider society; at a time when severe hormonal changes have profound physical and emotional effects. Girls tent to have a nurturing mother to guide them through puberty, where as boys, especially those in single parent homes, receive little to no guidance at school or in society.

My co-host Neville Bell, agreed in general with Dr. Davidson, but sought to add great responsibility on the parents. Neville asserted that if boys are well parented, the transition from boys to men would be less disruptive. Clearly we needed more time in the interview to further explore the points. Hopeful, Dr. Davidson can visit again, perhaps after he picks up his Sir Phillip Sherlock Award for Pioneering Work in telemedicine in the Caribbean.

Speaking of the UWI, Anthony Fallon and Winston Wright shared details on an impressive group of young men to be awarded the Chancellor Hall Super Lions Awards. The presentation banquet takes place this Friday at 7 PM at the Mona Visitor’s Lodge. All past graduates are invited to attend.

In keeping with the theme of moulding of young men, the Clarendon Peace March hopes to generate awareness of the staggering impact of crime and violence in our society. Since statistics sadly indicate that men, as young as 20 years for aged are involved in and significantly affected by violence, emphasis will be placed on them. The march takes place this Friday and culminates with an Expo and Concert.

As always, Pet Vibes was informative and exciting; Dr. Matthew Brown returned to advise on nutrition for our pets while Kimani Robinson joined just be phone to expound on the success of RETV’s Caribbean penetration. If you liked the musical delivery of Air Plai, reach out to them at

Would you believe, I wore a dress, AGAIN! And pink no less. Special thanks to Miami Heat for the lovely outfit and Jeneva of Urban Beauty for the make up.

Live in love. Next scheduled appearance: Thursday, March 13.

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