All About Champs

The National Boys and Girls Athletic Championship (Champs) is arguably the largest track and field event in the Caribbean region. Champs inspires fierce loyalty for competing teams; sadly, sometimes to the point of violence. Despite this significant drawback, Champs brings out the best we have to offer – team work, perseverance, commitment and achievement.

Traditionally strong Munro College, was represented on Smile Jamaica by Team Manager Brando Hayden and Field Events Coach (and former Champs star) Gwyn Jones while defending champions Calabar was represented by John Messam, Head of the Calabar Sports Committee (off air, he kept me in stitches). To put it all into perspective for us, TVJ's Germaine Brown told us what to expect and who the contenders would be.

The Caribbean Court of Justice is a serious issue on which Jamaicans will be deciding, in a referendum. Getting the facts from Justice Duke Pollard proved difficult, but the interview certainly piqued my interest to learn more.

It was World Kidney Disease Day, so 10 Minutes to Your Health put the spotlight in this scourge. Nephrologist Dr. Lilith Whittaker broke it down in simple terms for our viewers.

Desmond Ellis of Pets Unlimited introduced Neville and I to the ease and pleasure of owning and breading birds while entertainer Abijah wrapped up the show nicely with his new single – State of Emergency.

Nest scheduled appearance: Thursday, March 20

Happy Holy Thursday

Nature vs. Nurture