Every Child Lost Is A Tragedy

That should go without saying, yet, every year young children (and adults too) perish in fires across all fourteen parishes. In the four year period between 2003 and 2007, 48 children were killed by fire. 48 too many. In an effort to prevent future deaths by fire, the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) as embarked on a compressive initiative to raise fire safety awareness. The JFB plans to visit every home in Jamaica, point out potential fire hazards and council Jamaicans on what to do in case of a fire to preserve life.

Neville and I were curious, what to do in case of fire. Our guest, Emilio Ebanks, District Officer with the JFB advised us to escape the fire and call the Brigade. Seems obvious right? But Emilio noted that on escaping the fire, survivors solicit help from friends and neighbours to extinguish the flames and in the confusion, no one remembers to call the Jamaica Fire Brigade; this leads to excessive loss of property.

Another distributing concern, persons re-entering a burning building in an effort to save property. Emilio gave practical advice; he said that if God provided you with a way to get it in the first place, he will again, if you’re dead, you’ve lost much more. Call the JFB at 876-922-2523 to schedule a consultation visit to your home or community.

The highlight of the morning (for me at least) was off set, but possibly on air. Raquel Jones let out a loud (and I mean loud) gasp when Rock greeted her at the studio exit. Who is Rock? Rock is the absolutely beautiful Rottweiler puppy owned by Bay C of T.O.K. And I use the word puppy only in a technical sense, because, as you can see, Rock is huge! Bay C is the first of several celebrity guests we will have in our weekly Pet Vibes feature in April. For more pictures of Rock, visit: http://www.myspace.com/baycjamaica

Our other guests included Dr. Paul Golding, Chairman of the UTech/PSDP ICT Training Project. In short, UTech is expanding from its Papine base to provide training assistance in Information Communication Technology (ICT) to micro, small and medium sized business in rural Jamaica. Jamaica Observer Business Award Nominees Carl and Shirley Carby elaborated on the challenges and rewards of being partners, in life and business; we wish them luck at the Gala Awards Ceremony which takes place later tonight. Dr. Carol Blair highlighted the life saving work of the Jamaica Cancer Society in our 10 Minutes to Your Health feature; her main point: early detection is crucial to survival. Former Miss World, current MP and full time activist and mother, Lisa Hanna joined us briefly on set; Parliament may be considered a “boys club” by this queen is undaunted by the complexity of juggling multiple roles; we wish her well.

Entertainer Robin Banks certainly delivered her Jamaican Vibes on set. Di Famili directors Jesse Golding and Shaq are committed to preserving our live music culture with a weekly musical presentation, Jamaica Vibes, at Weekendz on Wednesdays. Check it out at: http://www.myspace.com/difamlient

Simon is off to cricket, so Simone and I will be doing double duty for the next two weeks, next scheduled appearance: Wednesday, April 9.

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