Just Walk Away

This was the profound statement from the Honourable Olivia Grange, Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, in reference to battered and abused women. Grange (or Babsy, as we call her off air), noted that many women remain in life threatening relationships for a number of reasons, including lack of alternative living arrangements and lack of money. This situation is complicated by the presence of children. In tandem with the Women’s Centre Foundation, the Minister launched the Sisters to Sisters Mediathon slated to take place this Sunday. The mediathon, which will be carried simultaneously by several radio and television stations including TVJ, has a goal to raise $10 million. All proceeds from the mediation will be used to build additional shelters for women, giving them a chance to “just walk away”.

Even if you don’t know someone who is directly affected by domestic abuse, I urge you to help those who are. Make a pledge, by calling 876-654-9688.

It was a show for events! In addition to the Mediathon, we chatted with guests about the Today’s Money Expo on Thursday in Mandeville (Orville Johnson), the Surviving the Corporate Jungle Expo at UWI this Saturday (Laura Butler, Christopher Barnes), the Evening of Jazz concert on Sunday to raise money for the Holy Trinity Cathedral (Father Ken) and Renal Week (Dr. Adedamola Soyido, Karen Moodie).

I was blown away by the indomitable Dwight Pickney and the DP band. His skills with a guitar are extraordinary as demonstrated by both his original pieces and intuitive interpretations. He is as fascinating a personality as he is a musician and we had too little time to scratch the surface of his achievements. Gushing? You better believe I am, and he deserves it.

Next scheduled appearance: Thursday, April 10

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