Our Own Talents Applauded

Wow. What a great show?! Every turn, every guest - a local talent, or using local resources to enrich their lives.

We were blessed with a number of a couple of talented artistes, among them Cecil Cooper and Peter Peart. Both artistes will be exhibiting their works in Kingston during the upcoming week; and we were impressed with the work of sculptor Headley Frazer and his beautiful ceramic pieces.

Neville chatted with Oliver Thompson, while I participated in a demonstration with Garfield Russell, both of Hi-Pro Farm Supplies; we learned how to grow our own fruits and vegetables in our backyards. If your agricultural tastes extend to livestock, consider pig rearing. Keith Amiel and Audrey McNabb made it seem so simple, practical and cost effective. Our local resources at work!

Knowing how to exploit local resources is just as important as having local resources; All Island Secretary of the Year and All Island Boss of the Year, Leonie Bailey and Annette Redway respectively certainly know how to manage limited resources.

The morning was capped off with fabulous entertainment by the Carifolk Singers. Singing since 1973, the group formed to participate in the annual JCDC Performing Arts Competition and have been together ever since. With a membership of more than 30 persons and repertoire of over 400 songs, the ensemble has travelled the world promoting our indigenous culture locally and around the world. I am telling you all of this now, because sadly, we didn’t have an opportunity to talk with them on air. Maybe next time.

Here’s something else to look forward to next time, Smile Smarties. If you think you know more than Neville (who thinks he knows everything), watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for your chance to win a new TV.

Next scheduled appearance: Thursday, April 17.

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