An Idea Whose Time Has Come

It seems like a simple concept; insurance to protect your ownership rights in a piece of property. Simple it may be, old it is not. Garfield Knight and Chris Hind educated Neville and I about a new product offering referred to as title insurance. The two main benefits of title insurance are that it reduces the average time to complete a mortgage to one month and it allows owners of registered land to secure a loan against that land. According to the Caribbean Title Ltd. CEO and NEM Insurance Acting General Manager, there are as many as 300,000 pieces of unregistered land in Jamaica, so the potential benefits are extensive.

Off air, we had more time to explore the concept of title insurance. Key point to note: title insurance applies to both residential and commercial property.

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Did you know that eating ice is a symptom of iron deficiency, a leading cause of anemia? Dr. Jean Walters explained the complicated nature of blood diseases with multiple myeloma survivor Michael Pryce.

Did you know that cycling is good for your health and the health of the economy or that Jamaica has qualified for the Olympics in cycling? Do your part at support the bike-a-thon this Sunday in Montego Bay and watch Jamaica in Bejing exclusively on TVJ.

Did you know that Alaine thinks her dog Molly can talk? She was yet another charming guest in our celebrities with pets feature on Pet Vibes. Alaine is very close to her pooch (yes, Neville, pooch is a word) even with a busy touring and recording schedule. Molly loves her latest album, Sacrifice, and hopes to see pictures of herself at

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