A Healthy Investment

Dr. Freddy Clarke makes his living looking at crap all day, literally. Our weekly 10 Minutes to Your Health feature focused on the fourth most prevalent form of cancer in Jamaica, colon cancer; and Dr. Clarke was on hand to explain how testing can identify polyps before they can become cancerous. Virtual colonography may not be cheap at $50,000.00 a test, but at least you only have to do it once every five years. I certainly hope Dr. Clarke will be back on the show long before then.

Still on the subject of health, I chatted with Melissa McNeil Barrett and Lea Marie Richards, both advisors from UNFPA. To be honest, I don’t remember what the acronym means, but I’ll never forget their demonstration on how to insert and use the “new and improved” female condom. Known as the FC2, the condoms will be made available at health centres across the island, with a goal to empowering women.

One truly amazing woman and her pet cub joined us for our Pet Vibes feature. While Juliet Cuthbert and Neville caught up, I desperately tried to get my hands on her beautiful cat, that was really too nervous to play. Maybe next time.

Our other guests included B. Harvey CEO Neil Lowe and stylist Neahlis to tell us about Style Week, To Isis to encourage us to visit their new club, Ambience, the beautiful and enchanting Teri-Karelle Griffith and martial arts specialist Clifton Brown. Guinea Peppa opened and closed the show with some soul stirring reggae music.

Happy Labour Day to one and all!

Next scheduled appearance: Thursday, May 29

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