Light and Lively

With all the shockingly violent crimes that have been taking place in the Jamaica over the past week, it’s been hard to maintain good spirits, but putting me in an apron was a great way to start. I am not saying I don’t cook, just saying, it’s not one of my stronger talents. Under the watchful guidance of Dr. Heather Little-White, I prepared a delicious meal in under 10 minutes. Mind you, no one on the set tasted it (including me), but it sure LOOKED good.

Raquel (aka Rakadush), Neville, myself and the crew did enjoy the wonderful mango muffins that Dr. Little-White prepared; and no medical attention was required.

Keeping it light, I tried to prove to Neville, yet again, that I do travel a lot when I am not on Smile Jamaica. Linda Christian-Clarke and Gregory Armstrong, both of the Barbados Tourism Authority verified my eye-witness description of the Farley National Park. Neville remained unconvinced.

We were however convinced that the pending listing of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, on the Jamaica Stock Exchange is a good thing. Mrs. Marlene Street-Forrest let us know that Jamaica is the first exchange in the English speaking Caribbean to list on itself, a well established trend in developed countries.

My favourite interview was probably my chat with Dr. April Miller of Jus Pets. Heart Worms is a serious topic, but I love everything pet related. I’ll bet that Neville’s favourite interview was with Bob Andy. Andy and Carlene Samuels joined us on set to promote Calabash – the FREE three day literary festival in St. Elizabeth next week. The fantastic festival will culminate with an acoustic performance by Andy; absolutely a not-to-be-missed event.

Our other guests included the charming Dr. Annette Crawford-Sykes (wow, lots of married women on the show today) for 10 Minutes to Your Health and basketball player Jerome Jordon with his father Brian. Neville made a prediction about Jerome for the NBA draft, for Neville's sake, I hope he's right.

Next scheduled appearance: Thursday, May 22

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