Long live … live long

What could have been a mundane look at a staid ceremony to mark the appointment of our sixth Governor General Dr. Patrick Allen turned out to be an engaging and insightful look from opposing views.

Up first, journalist Merrick Needham. He outlined vividly the nature of the role of the ‘GG’, the expectations and the protocol to be observed; Neville learned a lot and me even more.

Up next, journalist Michael Burke. He made a case for the abolition of the ‘GG’ in support of the abolition of mental slavery; he passionately recounted the journey of likeminded individuals in the bid to change to constitution to transform Jamaica from a commonwealth state to a republic.

Some may think it’s all a load of crap, but not our next guests, Karen Clacken and Charles Buchanan of the National Water Commission. Seems that another transformation is afoot; transforming Jamaica from a pit to sewage system. The NWC is on a campaign to educate property owners of the benefits in spite of the cost, but they have met with resistance from some persons that think the whole idea … just stinks.

It takes ‘cojones’ to stand up say something like that, but next guest Dingo had none, according to his owner Dr. Paul Cadogan in our Pet Vibes segment. It is World Spay Day and local vets were on a mission to control dog and cat population, sexually transmitted diseases and aggression issues by setting up a spay and neuter clinic. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s cheap and it’s the humane thing to do.

If the idea of a quick snip and clip breaks your heart, then Deborah Chen of the National Heart Foundation was the perfect next guest. It was a hugely successful Heart Month, but awareness must continue Deborah urged. Call on the Foundation for weekly CPR classes, heart, blood and cholesterol tests, advice and information 12 months a year. After all, a strong heart is the key to life.

Speaking of life, Kim Lee stopped by to tell us about the Red Stripe Learning for Life Project Artist programme. Promising young adults will learn both the business and art of music from professional successful instructions with a tremendous hands-on opportunity in the form Red Stripe Live, a landmark concert on March 28.

We closed it off with the eclectic bluesy sound of Deborah Coleman.

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