Who Is Really Responsible? We are!

It was a heated discussion tempered by the steady voice of reason as Smile Jamaica explored the raging debate on the Broadcasting Commission implementing more stringent guidelines on content dissemination. Commission Executive Director Cordel Green and deejay Konshens weighed in on the subject. After making the point that children should not have access to adult content through the media, Cordel was taken to task about the perceived bias in favour of soca. Cordel cited the relationship with Television Jamaica as an unpublished example of the Commission’s cross the board restriction of adult content on free to air outlets.

Konshens noted that the lack of airplay would have a greater impact radio disc jockeys and audiences than on artistes. He alluded to the thriving dancehall (the location) as the best place to appreciate dancehall (the music) and called on parents keep their children at home.

The positions of Cordel and Konshens were expected; the bureaucrat supported the ban while the artiste dismissed it as trivial. But the presentations were completely reversed with the bureaucrat being the hot head and the artiste being smooth. Dancehall continues to entertain and amaze us.

The theme of personal responsibility was again explored with Heather Wright. As the driving force behind the Concerned Jamaicans cause, Heather also called on parents to be responsible. Then representatives from the Office of the Children Registry – Trevesa Da Silva Ashman and Carla Francis Edie – let us know that we, as ordinary citizens, can report on parents who neglect and abuse their children. “You don’t have to give your name,” they advised. I say, we only have to exercise our conscience (no pun intended).

Now, it’s easy to care, when you have a big heart. But, if you should have a heart attack, I can perform CPR thanks to training from Heart Foundation of Jamaica team members Winston Henry, Deborah Chen, Marco Bromfield and Adrian Cross. You too can learn, at Saturday classes at the Foundation.

My heart skipped a beat when Karice Southe led in three of the most beautiful puppies for our Pet Vibes feature. Thanks Karice, I’ll pick them up from the store after I make a call on my way to a dance.

Long live … live long

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