Tech Time: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an elusive term to define, but a cool concept to embrace.

Imagine, being able to access your information anywhere, anytime. Imagine being able to work on virtually any computer without needing specialised software. Imagine, cloud computing!

Cloud computing can be defined as 'a style of computing where massively scalable IT related capabilities are provided as a service across the internet to multiple external customers'. The concept involves running applications on the internet and storing data on remote services accessible via the internet from any capable machine around the world.

To be clear, not all remote computing is cloud computing; the internet is not the cloud and not all software as a service is part of the cloud. But cloud computing does have significant advantages.

  • Accessibility - your data is available from virtually any Internet capable computer, leaving you device and location independent
  • Cost effectiveness - 'rent' rather than buy robust software as needed
  • Reliability - data is generally hosted on multiple, remote, independent servers to protect against data loss and facilitate disaster recovery

  • Accessibility - must have Internet service to access data; no Internet, no data
  • Security - technically, your data is not private and therefore accessible by third parties
  • Reliability - data access is dependent on access provided by a host who may be exposed to network outages and/or denial of service attacks

Ready to log into The Cloud? Let's start out with popular office applications for students and business professionals:

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