Tech Time: Mobile Phone Etiquette

We see it all the time, persons yakking away insensitively at the top of their lungs , on their mobile phone, at the movie theatre or restaurant, or calling you at the crack of dawn, or interrupting your conversation by taking a call. Good phone etiquette is really common courtesy, but sometimes it is not so common. So, let’s go through a list of mobile phone do’s and don’ts.

Making A Call
· Dial very carefully to avoid dialling the wrong number for two reasons; it is annoying and it is cheaper
· Give your name first and a brief reason for the call before asking for whom you would like to speak
· Don’t distract others with your call. Mobile phone may be convenient, but that doesn’t mean they should be used everywhere and anywhere
· Use a headset while driving and speaking on the phone; don’t text and drive
· Ask for permission before taking pictures or video; when using your phone as a camera, camera rules apply
· Generally, do not call strangers before 9 am or after 10 pm

Receiving A Call
· Answer your phone promptly (by the third ring)
· Don’t answer while chewing gum, eating, typing or being somehow distracted. It is just rude.
· Switch off the ringer in meetings, at church, the movies, seminars, etc. It can be rude, disturbing or distracting for your phone to ring in such situations
· If you must answer your phone while in the company of others, inform the persons at the beginning of the meeting that you are expecting a call
· Remember everyone hears your personalised ring tone, not just you. Even though you want your ringtone to represent you and your mood, make sure it is suitable for all the situations in which your phone will ring
· Don’t yell. If the caller can’t hear you, move to a different location with stronger signal or less background noise

On A Call
· Use the hold and mute buttons to avoid embarrassing moments

Tech tip: Blue-tooth headsets are made to facilitate calls, not as a fashion accessory. When not in use, stow it away.

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