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Sadly, summer is over and it’s time to go back to school. Thanks to the Internet however, going back to school is easier than ever. Whether it is to study, research, prepare assignments or collaborate, help can be found online.

International Sites
This site covers multiple subjects for students in kindergarten through to Grade 12. It also provides links to lots of resources, activities and answers for students, parents and teachers.
Specifically directed to Math, the site looks at algebra, geometry, science, trigonometry and calculus with step by step answers, practice tests, lessons, calculators, games and workbooks. The site works best with American text books, but helpful regardless of book used. Other Math sites include:,
Registration (free or premium) is required to truly access this site's potential, but once registered, there is no advertising. Students can collaborate with others studying the same subject through online discussions or live chat rooms in a safe environment.
With a clear, clean, intuitive layout, this site covers a wide range of topics at various grade levels. Reference tools, interactive tools, download and practice papers are all key features, along with a built in dictionary and encyclopedia.

Local Sites
Established in partnership with the Gleaner’s Youth Link, the site provides online help and exam preparation, including timed practice papers. But the site requires paid registration to truly benefit from its features.
Although it is crowded with ads and has not been updated within the last year, the site does offer free access to GSAT and CXC tips and trivia, along with support for parents.

Tech tip: Set up your own site for your study group.

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