Tech Time: Superbowl Tech

The Super Bowl is the largest, single day sporting event in the world, tens of thousands in attendance and over 100 million watching from around the globe. Staging an event this large requires insight, coordination, commitment and technology. Let’s take a look at Super Bowl Tech.


More than 50 cameras including handheld, robotic and a cable camera (suspended above the gridiron) are employed to capture every moment in HD and super HD. Yes, super HD. Six high speed, high definition camera shoot at a mind boggling 300-400 frames per second (fps) to facilitate replays of fumbles and receptions from multiple angles. (The usual fps rate is 60). Speaking of playback, over two dozen video replay systems and eight digital postproduction suites develop high end, carefully calibrated, exceedingly accurate graphics while processing images from the cameras, nearly 100 microphones and miles of cable for your viewing pleasure.


Game officials have to deal with everything from threats on US national security to pickpockets and other petty thieves. But they are prepared for it all. Advanced metal detectors and scanner cameras screen all persons and packages entering the stadium, even the celebrities. Bomb removal robots are on hand in case any suspicious items are found.

Vehicle tracking on steroids is the best way to describe the sophisticated vehicle tracking systems used for the sporting event. Used on ambulances and other vehicles, the organizers have real time tracking with updates every three seconds.


Game participants utilize a wide range of communication technologies from headsets for the coaches and coaching staff to advanced computers to calculate real time stats before, during and after game play.

For thousands of spectators in the stands, previous frustrations of poor mobile service were addressed with installation of an additional three cell towers by AT&T, I Phone users were free to make calls, send text and pictures from the game without encumbrance.

Speaking of iPhone and other smart phones, American football lovers need to install ScoreMobile, a free app. Score Mobile has up to the minute stats, scores, betting odds, previews, recaps, top stories and league standings right in the palm of your hand.

Die-hard football fans can get a wealth of knowledge from the website (very traditional) or by following the NFL twitter feed/becoming a fan on Facebook (very modern).


For football fans and non-football fans alike, the commercials are a major attraction. They tend to be as elaborate and expensive, as they are funny and memorable. This year, several technology companies used the captive audience to peddle their wares including: Google, Go Daddy, Motorola, Monster, Vizio and my personal favourite E*Trade. If you missed them last Sunday, watch them all on YouTube.

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