Tech Time: Wireless Printers

We are living in a wireless world, so much so, we take wireless for granted. I am old enough to remember when TV remotes were wired. Even so, I think printers were slow to join the wireless revolution. The wait is over.

Previous wireless printing protocols were very limiting. Printers employed infrared and bluetooth technology to allow wireless access. Both methods limited the user to a range of three to fifteen feet at best. Helpful, but not good enough.

New wifi enabled printers are functional, practical and above all, cheap. ALl the major manufacturersnow offer wifi enabled wireless dedicated and multi-function printers at a variety of price points for home and office. And, new wireless printers both work with PC and Mac.

These printers offer significant advantages over their wired predecessors. For one, they are cable and cutter free. With each new peripheral, we add a cable that contributes to the mess in our home or office.
Wireless printers offer a neater alternative.Further, fewer cables means less cost to acquire, maintain and replace.

Being able to remotely operate your printer from across the room, your house or even your neighbourhood truly liberates your laptop; after all, your laptop was meant to roam and not be tethered down.

Another notable advantage is that of multiple users. traditionally,a printer was attached to one machine, even on a network the host machine needed to be on. wireless printers are available from Hp, Brother, Lexmark,Canon and other major manufacturers for as little as US$99.00. Depending on the functions needed, look to spend US$!1150-US$250.00

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