Tech Time: Mobile Printing

Technology is even better when it's portable or mobile. Though phones and computers have successfully made the transition from office to road, printers seem to practically anchor the workplace rather than sail with it. But, mobile printers are available, and more importantly, are practical.

When looking for a mobile printer, there are some features that are critically important.

Lightweight – if you have to be carrying this device around – in additional to all the other gadgets in your mobile arsenal – weight becomes a major issue. Sub 5 lbs is the goal.

Resolution – the printer may be small, but it must compete effectively with its desktop counterpart. Today’s mobile printers offer great photo quality colour printing with print specs of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi not unheard of.

Speed – well, here is an area where I must admit, I am always disappointed, for both traditional and mobile printers. Don’t expect printers to spit out full colour, letter size pages any faster than 14 ppm (pages per minute).

Portability – moving around is important, but working without being tethered by wires is just priceless. Look for battery and Bluethoot® and WiFi options for wireless power and communication to truly enhance the mobile experience.

Cost – though models are available for as little as US$150.00, US$300 is needed to get a printer with all the best features, add another $100.00 for even more bells and whistles.

Brand – HP and Epson are making a play to topple the dominance of Canon for this marketing, with impressive options

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