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Summertime is the time to get outdoors and move about. But there is no need to sacrifice productivity for mobility – netbooks, tablets and laptops keep up industrious while on the go. Picking the tool best for your needs is easy when you know the benefits and pitfalls of each.

“Internet notebook computers” or net books are the cheapest, most portable option for portable computing, but they are also the least powerful. The ultra compact devices are generally less powerful that their laptop counterparts limiting the scale and number for applications that can run simultaneously. On the plus side, many netbooks are 3G enabled and preconfigured for internet access over mobile networks. With subsidies and other incentives, a netbook may set you back about US$200.00.

The introduction of the Apple iPad has shone a spotlight on tablet computing. Tablets are not new, but early tablet computers featured rotating screens to move the device from the traditional clam shell design to the flat tablet with a built intouch screen. Further, first generation tablet required a stylus to interact effectively with the screen, the iPad tosses the tablet for fingers, like the iPhone/iTouch predecessor.
Having now revolutionised the concept of tablet computing, iPad can expect a number of copycat devices. That said, tablets are compact, easy to use and VERY stylish. With up to 10 hours of battery life and both wifi and 3G internet accessibility, a fully kited iPad costs less than US$900.00

Laptops are the most common mobile workhorses. With all the power to rival a desktop PC, the laptop keeps you working away from the office. With a 3 hour battery life on average, laptops are not long treaks in the field; and many can be downright delicate. But, as desktop replacements, they are indeed the most powerful.

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