Tech Time: Motorola Milestone Review

Jamaicans hungering for an Android based smart phone will find, this is their summer. The quad band GSM Motorola Milestone launches in just a few short weeks.

The much hyped Motorola Milestone has several really cool, yet practical features:
  1. The Android 2.1 OS is the latest, fastest and most efficient version of Android, offering seamless integration with Google products including email and an advanced search feature that looks through contacts, content and the web simultaneously to help you find what you are looking for
  2. The brilliant 3.7’ touch screen supports multiple gestures including double tap and pinch for zoom with an intuitive haptic feedback feature and an ambient light aware display
  3. Two keyboards allow users to switch between a virtual on-screen keyboard and physical QWERTY keyboard revealed under a slim-line slider
  4. Dedicated keys for the most common functions including HOME, MENU, BACK, SEARCH, VOLUME and CAMERA
  5. A 5 MP camera with dual LED flash, built-in 4X digital zoom, auto-focus and 720x480 DVD quality video recording which you can upload straight to YouTube
  6. Multiple wireless connectivity options including 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth® and GPS

Many refer to the Milestone as an iPhone killer, and what of Blackberry? The Milestone’s metal casing gives the phone a sturdy, but heavy feel tipping the scales at 6 oz as compared to less than 5 oz for most Blackberry and iPhone models. The Android Market is expanding like none other leaving the Blackberry Appworld in the dust and providing serious competition to the leading iTunes Store.

Like the iPhone, the Milestone can download and play customised ringtones in multiple formats including, most significantly, iTunes AAC files. Both phones have accelerometers.

Unlike the iPhone, Milestones haptic response and micro SD expansion slot (supporting up to 32 GB) make the device user friendly even if you need to keep your charger close to use it.

As the tagline suggests, Motorola Milestone offers little compromise. BBM may force me to hold on to my Blackberry, but my iPhone may get dusty if I hit this Milestone.

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